Ecotones Blog StoryTeasers

ECOTONES brings you ecologically-themed stories that include action and adventure, comedy and romance, a dash of horror and a twist of the bizarre. They also present a variety of literal and figurative interpretations of the idea of environmental borders — and here they all are, teased to perfection:


Compatibility – Ken Liu
Business is like nature, red in tooth and claw, and whenever competing systems come into contact the fur is going to fly — or the sparks…

Stochasti-city – Tobias S. Buckell
The economy is failing and the environment with it, but when a society demands revolution it will need an evolution of ideas to make it happen.

The Green – Lauren Beukes
Down at the bottom of the corporate food chain, research labourers struggle to make a living in pursuit of profits — maybe a new way of life is needed.

A Theft of Flowers – Stephen Palmer
An act of commercial sabotage in an irreal marketplace forces the victim to challenge the status quo, and maybe alter her very existence, forever.

Not a Problem – Matthew Hughes
A global mogul correctly decides the only way to prevent ecological disaster is to throw money at the problem — until the solution arrives, that is…

The Pattern Box – Christina Klarenbeek
When disaster strikes a deep space exodus, one ship crashes on a world unexpectedly rich with life — but will the survivors live to benefit?

Inundated – Jonathan Laidlow
Sea levels are rising, humanity is driven inland, yet one man clings to home as he searches for his missing daughter, and her strange mother.

Seeds by a Hurricane Torn – Daniel Ausema
Decades after a devastating storm savaged a coastal region, a mission is undertaken to reclaim the lost territory with science… and botanical magic.

Green Man – P. J. Richards
With his colleagues dying one by one, the last member of a mission to establish humanity amongst the stars dreams of leaves, and of leaving.

Paolo, Friend Paolo – Kurt Hunt
An obsessive industrialist and his dedicated ally witness the planet-fall of a vast alien vessel, unaware that it may also be an extinction level event.

The Grass is Greener on the Other Side – Igor Ljubuncic
An inexperienced soldier in a hyper-clean cult ventures into the disgusting world outside, only to discover that his perfect home lacks more than filth.

The Silva – Rebecca Schwarz
“Wild Dog Attacks Cause Comas!” So the press proclaim, but when one reporter gets the inside story — literally — the truth proves very different.

The First Feast – Victor Espinosa
When the kingdoms of humans and faerie join in peaceful celebration, a naive elf’s culture-shock gradually gives way to delight, and more.

Homo Panthera – Andrew Leon Hudson
An atypical hunter stalks the cloud forests of Costa Rica, unaware the beast he tracks is leading him towards another, and far more dangerous, predator.