Question of the Day #7

You never hear anything new in interviews, do you? It’s always the same old same old: Aren’t you glad to be here? What’s it like working with Celebrity X? Who designed your dress, it’s fabulous? Bor-ing. So, it’s time to see if our crowd could do any better – their Question of the Day: If there were one question […]

Question of the Day #6

Arthur C. Clarke famously predicted orbital satellites. William Gibson pre-defined the modern internet. Star Trek’s communicators have lived in our pockets for a generation now, and someone recently invented the tricorder (re-invented, I should say). So, now it’s time to put our contributors’ far-sightedness to the test with our Question of the Day: Spec Fic writers […]

Question of the Day #5

When it comes to storytelling that promotes ecological awareness, maybe you like the label eco-fiction. Maybe you prefer the genre-trendy term cli-fi, for “climate fiction” (unless that just sounds like a term conservative politicians use to describe any theory claiming the seas are getting bigger). Either way, if you’re motivated to write (or read) about […]


Forgive this brief interruption to our ongoing interview with the contributors (which you can find here), but I’d like to make a small announcement. We’re halfway through our Kickstarter campaign, and have already raised 60% of our target–things are looking good! Although in every vital way the manuscript of Ecotones is complete, there are two notable […]

Question of the Day #4

Can there be a more divisive issue in contemporary discourse than that of The Environment? Well, maybe gender equality. But aside from that, nothing’s more in the public mind than The Environment, except race— Two things, gender equality and race, fine, just two, but otherwise it’s The Environment, right? Right after gender or racial inequality, for sure, […]

Question of the Day #3

We’ve learned something so far about the ecotones our contributors have experienced in their lives, be they environmental or experiential, but this anthology must stand or fall on the strength of the stories, not their authors. So now we present to you our third Question of the Day: Without giving too much away away, would […]

Question of the Day #2

Welcome to our second Question of the Day, which was posed alongside seven others to our many fine contributors, only for each answer to be brutally snatched away from its siblings and grouped here, like the uniquely misshapen offspring of so many identical clones… …where was I? Oh yes: Question Two! This being a speculative […]

Question of the Day #1

It wasn’t just our cover stars we interviewed for the Ecotones blog – the other eleven contributors all took the time to share their thoughts on a selection of questions. But rather than post the same list again and again, we’re going to share their answers with you as a group. Just imagine we’re all […]

A Word From Our Sponsors

The three previous anthologies have been fortunate to gain the generous support of a selection of established authors, whose presence in each collection provides us with an invaluable boost to our profile. This year, we’re more than delighted to boast Lauren Beukes, Tobias S. Buckell and Ken Liu as our headline trio, and they were […]

Kickstarter goes Live!

ECOTONES is officially coming to a Kickstarter Campaign near you! Check us out for our gorgeous monochomatic stylings, our earwormy promo video, and our dazzlingly inexpensive array of backer rewards, which start at low-price copies of Ecotones itself and progress onward to the very stars… We hope you’ll back us, because we want you to have […]