I’m delighted to confirm that, with nearly two full days still to run, the Ecotones Kickstarter campaign has met it’s minimum target! You want proof? We got proof: That represents one-hundred and twenty-four copies (we have an altruist!) in readers’ hands on release day, fifty-four of whom will also be claiming copies of previous anthologies […]


Forgive this brief interruption to our ongoing interview with the contributors (which you can find here), but I’d like to make a small announcement. We’re halfway through our Kickstarter campaign, and have already raised 60% of our target–things are looking good! Although in every vital way the manuscript of Ecotones is complete, there are two notable […]

Kickstarter goes Live!

ECOTONES is officially coming to a Kickstarter Campaign near you! Check us out for our gorgeous monochomatic stylings, our earwormy promo video, and our dazzlingly inexpensive array of backer rewards, which start at low-price copies of Ecotones itself and progress onward to the very stars… We hope you’ll back us, because we want you to have […]