Spring Sale!

…is it too late in the game to wish you “Happy New Year”?

ECOTONES has been out for just over a month and in that time we’ve had a handful of sales – and even a few nice things said about us here and there!

Early reviewers on Goodreads called it an “intriguing, thought-provoking assortment of stories that explore the boundaries between technology, ecology, and humanity’s complex, sometimes perplexing relationship with both” and a “literary cruise that’s worth embarking on … with plenty of inventiveness on show”. We’re glad they liked it (we have a nice, healthy 4.75 star-rating at the moment too) and look forward to hearing what other backers of the Kickstarter campaign think as well.

EcotonesLRGElsewhere, we’ve had a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it mention in Locus Magazine courtesy of Gardner Dozois’ regular column on short fiction releases, Gardnerspace. He found our mixing of fantasy and eco-themes a bit of an odd one, but also (rightly!) complimented our reprints of Lauren Beukes‘s The Green and Tobias Buckell‘s Stochasti-city. And just today The Book Designer‘s monthly cover design awards noted our art “definitely has the movie poster vibe”. Not a win, but not a loss either – and the competition there is as brutal as the critiques!

Anyway, as you might tell from the post-title, we’d like to celebrate the still-new year with a traditional Spring Sale, so you may be interested to hear that ECOTONES is currently available at the knock-down price of just five dollars – damn fine value for thirteen short stories and a novella that are sure to change the way you see the natural world, I’m sure you’ll agree…

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