I’m delighted to confirm that, with nearly two full days still to run, the Ecotones Kickstarter campaign has met it’s minimum target! You want proof? We got proof:


That represents one-hundred and twenty-four copies (we have an altruist!) in readers’ hands on release day, fifty-four of whom will also be claiming copies of previous anthologies — lots of exposure for contributors past and present, which has been the main goal of these projects since they began in 2012.


As you can see, we’ve had a pretty steady climb over the last twenty-seven days, bookended by a few steep jumps at the start and finish. In fact, in the time it’s taken me to screen-grab those images and write up this post I’m already out of date: someone just snapped up the last super-discounted £3 copy, so we’re actually on 126 backers and £1,027!

On behalf of all the contributors, I’d like to thank everyone whose pledged their support so far — and remind everyone else that there’s still time!

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