Question of the Day #8

This is the end, beautiful friend: our final Question of the Day – and it’s a philosophical biggie. We want to know what you think too… about this:

Do you think science (or aliens, or a deity-like entity) will save humanity from ultimate disaster, or is it going to come down to human nature telling us to do the right thing?

Victor Espinosa: The latter. I’m really hoping that at some point we all wake up and realize the damage we’re doing and how there are incredible technologies around today that could help fix our problems. But hey, aliens would be cool too.

Kurt Hunt: Science, and the rational application of scientific discoveries, is our best chance at keeping the whole messy human experience rolling as long as possible. Consider the impact of germ theory, and then try to quantify how many deaths have been prevented as a result of its application. Science constantly stands between us and disaster, and it will continue to do so.

Rebecca Schwarz: I believe we hold our future in our hands. It’s up to us to start behaving as if we are part of the warp and weft of the very fabric of nature. We are potent and powerful actors in the natural world and it is on us to protect our home.

Stephen Palmer: Only humanity can get humanity out of its problems. Relying on technology is an illusion. But science is the foundation of meaningful thinking – thank goodness.

Christina Klarenbeek: I’m not convinced humanity will face ultimate disaster. If we do, I think it will be up to us to save ourselves… and hopefully each other.

Andrew Leon Hudson: I’m of the persuasion that thinks human nature needs science to save us from the ultimate disaster of deity-like entities (or deity-like concepts, rather, since those at least can be shown to exist). Aliens get bagged with gods for me, at least until one of either turns up in my kitchen.

Daniel Ausema: I guess I’d say I’m deep down an optimist. But also well aware of human nature, skeptical of aliens coming in to save the day, and aware that science can create terrible weapons just as well as amazing, life-saving things. So I can only say “I don’t know” and hope to do my part to not push us along the path to destruction…

P. J. Richards: Humanity needs to grow out of expecting some god or alien to sort out our mess for us, it just breeds a dis-empowering fatalism. Science can be our salvation, if we can wrest the investment it needs from the grip of big corporations and their lackey politicians. I’m always inclined to put my faith in the positive potential of human nature rather than wishful thinking.

Jonathan Laidlow: Part of me is right there with Watney in The Martian, demanding that we “science the shit out of it” until we fix the problem. But then I studied English Literature, so I’m trusting that better minds than mine can work out what to do, then convince politicians to do it. Nevertheless, I’m hoping for the benevolent aliens. If they could just hand over the Warp Drive and the Ansible after they’ve fixed the climate and the planet, I’d be really grateful.

Igor Ljubuncic: Most definitely science. Human nature isn’t about doing the right thing; it’s about doing the most selfish thing. This is what makes us so unique and special as a species.

Cynicism, optimism, veganism — we got it all, apart from the veganism. Thanks for joining us for these interviews – we hope it encourages you to humanise our little crowd of typewriter-monkeys, and to pop over to our Kickstarter campaign and give them your backing!

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