Question of the Day #7

You never hear anything new in interviews, do you? It’s always the same old same old: Aren’t you glad to be here? What’s it like working with Celebrity X? Who designed your dress, it’s fabulous? Bor-ing. So, it’s time to see if our crowd could do any better – their Question of the Day:

If there were one question you’d like to ask your fellow writers in the anthology, what would it be—and what is your answer to it?

Daniel Ausema: I’m always curious what new projects other writers are working on. So really, a simple “What’s next?”

I don’t have a great answer for that myself, or nothing that’s new exactly. I’m getting to the point where I want to start creating a new book/series/world, so that takes a lot of my focus, but so does a new non-writing job I recently added.

Kurt Hunt: “What current, ongoing transition do you think will most dramatically change our world in our lifetimes?”

I think our entire concept of employment and income will be turned on its head in the next few generations. Unemployment will be more common, but completely different from how we currently understand and experience it. I also think our increasing reliance on centralized, automated systems will continue to make us more vulnerable in unexpected ways, and we will experience at least one true disaster in the first world as a result.

Rebecca Schwarz: “Are we part of the animal world or essentially separate from it?”

For me, while self-consciousness separates us in some ways, I feel that we are very much one with the world of nature. Man v. Nature is a great storytelling trope, but if we are part of a web of life then that phrase, at least on some level, is a false dichotomy.

P. J. Richards: “If you could spend one day in the past, when would it be and why?”

There are so many times I’d love to experience, but top of the list would be Stonehenge on the day it was completed – and the party afterwards!

Christina Klarenbeek: “When would you rather live, in the present or in the future of rapidly advancing technologies I predicted before?”

Personally, I’ll stick with the devil I know.

Andrew Leon Hudson: I’m not just a contributor to this project but the heartless editor too, so I guess my question to the other writers would be, “Do you forgive me?”

I’ve long since absolved myself of all guilt (if not responsibility).

Igor Ljubuncic: “What is the answer to life, the Universe and everything?”


Stephen Palmer: “Do you write on a PC or a Mac?”

It’s a Mac for me.

Matthew Hughes: I’d like to hear, “Would you be so kind as to accept this suitcase bulging with money?”

And my answer: “Yeah, why not?”

If you’d like to add a couple of notes to our half-full suitcase of money, go check the progress of our Kickstarter campaign and take some really good stories in exchange! As for our writers… well, if any of you hear about a vacancy as an interviewer going, don’t give up the day job, eh?

One more Question of the Day to come — see you tomorrow!

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