Forgive this brief interruption to our ongoing interview with the contributors (which you can find here), but I’d like to make a small announcement. We’re halfway through our Kickstarter campaign, and have already raised 60% of our target–things are looking good!

Although in every vital way the manuscript of Ecotones is complete, there are two notable gaps still to be filled, one at the end, one at the beginning. At the end, a currently blank page awaits the names of all our generous backers (and the behind-the-scenes folk who have lent their hard work over the last nine months), a place for us to say “thank you” many times!

And at the beginning is…


…a place to say “thank you” once.

Rather than clutter the opening with messages from all our contributors, we’d like to offer someone else the chance to dedicate Ecotones to a person or subject of importance to them. We’ll also provide that backer with five copies of the ebook–one for themselves, and four more with personalised gift messages to go to the recipients of their choice.

We’ve created an extra reward tier, THE DEDICATION, on our Kickstarter campaign, so you or someone you know can commemorate something special (as well as help us meet our goal), and we’ll be in touch with the backer to finalise their message as soon as the reward is taken.

Please share this message —
so we can share someone else’s!

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