Book Cover-Wu

As the editor and cover designer of Ecotones I was briefly interviewed today by N. E. White – editor of the previous three SFFWorld anthologies. Check it out if you want to hear a bit about what got me into cover design and how I approach the problem of stretching out a microscopic budget…

N. E. White

If you follow my blog, the last time I touched on the subject of creating your own book cover, I advised to use a professional graphic artist. For yours truly, I’ll stick to that advice.

If you are anything like me, at some point, we’ll say “that’s good enough”, when it is not. It’s easy for us to fall short of the vision in our head when to reach it means buying new software or learning and mastering techniques that could take weeks. In that case, I have no qualms paying someone else who has invested the time and money to perfect their book cover-wu.

But maybe you already have book cover-wu? Maybe you are…

Andrew Leon Hudson

Cool cover (and good stories, too) Cool cover (and good stories, too)

Andrew impressed me with his e-book cover skills when he started to self-publish his short stories earlier this year. He created a striking style that both…

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